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We have been working in the East Dallas area since 1994. Most of our adoptable pets come from the 
White Rock Lake area and the surrounding greenbelt.

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DELILAH is a French Bulldog/Cattle Dog mix and is approximately 1 year old and if fully grown. She weighs 42 lbs. Delilah is SUPER SWEET and LOVES to play. She was found in the Samuel Grand Park where many other strays have been found and was trapped 1 week after giving birth to 2 fantastic pups – ASTER and LILY.  DELILAH is in the process of being crate trained and wants to be close to people and bonds quickly with her caretaker. This will make her EASILY TRAINABLE. She is GOOD WITH CATS – licking them constantly and loves to play with little dogs and rough houses with her pups. She is not aggressive and is not a dominant dog and has a sweet, laid back disposition. She exhibits many characteristics of a French Bulldog and is very "wiggly" when she plays. She had a rough start but will make AN EXCELLENT FAMILY PET.

ASTER is a French Bulldog/Lab mix and is 16 weeks old. She currently weights 25 lbs and is expected to be a 50 – 60 lb. dog fully grown. She is a rich brown color with white marking. Her mom, Delilah, was found as a stray at Samuel Grand park and trapped one week after giving birth to Aster and her sister Lily. Aster is SWEET, PLAYFUL and LOVES TO PLAY. She is EASILY TRAINABLE at this age and will make AN EXCELLENT FAMILY PET. She is good with cats (now) and is being crate trained.


"CHELSEA" the little  Chihuahua is small (5 lbs) and FULL OF PERSONALITY! She is VERY SWEET and could be a purse puppy! She does like TO PLAY and gets along with little dogs and is a little timid with larger dogs. Chelsea is 1-1/2 years old and is crate trained, vaccinated and spayed. Chelsea is VERY EAGER TO PLEASE and LOVES TO BE HELD. She would be a good companion pet but would also be good as an only pet. She does need exercise and loves to play with little dogs. She also loves to sleep burrowed under the covers! SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE DOLL!

EMMETT is a male black Chihuahua mix and is approximately 15 months old and weighs 11 lbs. Emmett is SUPER SWEET, is a BIG SNUGGLER and LOVES TO GIVE LOVE. He likes to skip and hop about the backyard with his toys and hops like a buy sometimes! He was found as a stray back in April and his birthday is approximately Halloween 2010. He is house broken. He is very social with other dogs and loves to play. Emmett would be a GOOD COMPANION DOG and would be GOOD WITH A FAMILY.

PEANUT is a Boxer/Staffie mix and is approximately 15 months old. Peanut is SUPER SWEET and is craving of attention. She was found in the Samuel Grand Park where many other strays have been found.  PEANUT has warmed up quickly and it is very clear she wants to bond with a person and feel safe. PEANUT is SOCIAL and FRIENDLY.  PEANUT is CRATE TRAINED but does not like being in the crate and wants to be close to people. Both Boxers and Staffordshire Terriers make excellent family pets who are loyal, good with kids and bond strongly with the family. She is craving attention which makes her EASILY TRAINABLE.

BROGANFANTASIC PERSONALITY!!!! Brogan is a cattle dog and is 11 months old. She was turned into the shelter with a leg injury that her owners were not able to afford. Unfortunately, her leg could not be saved. She has recovered very well and does not seem to notice!  She is LOVING, EAGER TO PLEASE, PLAYFUL, HOUSEBROKEN and could not be a better companion.  She deserves a loving home and would be EXCELLENT with kids. 

Brogan is WELL SOCIALIZED with other dogs and LIVES TO PLAY! She has not met a stranger and loves to cuddle and get extra pets and love. She would make a wonderful family pet and a companion to another family dog.
She needs to be in a home with a companion dog - she has LOTS of energy and needs someone to play with.

6 year old male Cockapoo. He is loving, is good with kids, likes to play with other dogs and LOVES to be a lap dog.

is a Chihuahua mix and is approximately 1-1/2 years old and weighs 8 lbs. She, along with 4 other dogs, were rescued from Tennison Park. She is the SWEETEST dog and loves to play and get hugs. She plays with big and little dogs alike. Piper is house broken, spayed, HW-, and vaccinated. She would be a GOOD COMPANION and would thrive with a family and another dog.

All dogs in the White Rock Dog rescue program are fully vetted, spayed/neutered and HW- unless noted otherwise. All are in private foster homes and are socialized. To inquire about any dog in our program, send an email to:  adoptions@whiterockdog.org
 or call (214) 507-4016

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